About AXEL Solutions


After 10 years in the industry, I decided to alter my direction. 

I started my technical career in the British Army working in a team to maintain tracked vehicles including fault finding and improvement, as well as the repair or replacement of any damaged components. 

Since leaving the British Army, I have worked as a permanent technician, and as a contractor, for a number of international companies in production, technical assembly and training. 


I work meticulously and maintain the standards of productivity, diligence and punctuality expected.

The Kaizen Methodology, which I have trained in, centres on the importance of efficiency and personal discipline, and maintaining a systematic approach.

Reading, and following, given MDPs and drawings, I use a wide range of mechanical skills, taking care to be meticulous at all stages. During each build stage, I accurately record completion of tasks on the job cards and any other relevant documentation. Communicating effectively within a multi-disciplinary team, my approach remains disciplined, meticulous and professional.